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Key technologies: C#/.NET, Angular JS, Javascript, Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, Progress OpenEdge, Java, MySQL, DB2


My name is David Woosley.

I know business in general and technology in particular, and the mainstay of my career is using that knowledge to develop top-notch software applications that deliver the results that matter most: efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. I can deliver those things for you too. And have fun doing it.





Capture and analyze the major business requirements, and confirm that everyone is on the same page with regard to the project's goals.


Identify workflows, data models, primary functionality and major software components; choose or review the key technologies.


Get it done: Create the tables, build and get acceptance of interface prototypes, write mandatory application modules and unit test.


Users are king. They must confirm that the functionality is correct and its purpose is self-evident. Test in tandem with existing software.


Practice migrating data, software, networking, all of it, and have a proven strategy to temporarily unwind. When practice makes perfect, do it.


Don't stop now. Ongoing analysis is necessary to ensure that your application keeps pace with changing goals and requirements.


Weldon, Williams and Lick

This mid-size company is one of the world’s premier producers of event tickets and credentials, and this 10-year assignment involved the soup-to-nuts development of three interrelated applications: order specifications, product verification, and packaging and shipping. The key successes were lower costs and boosting revenue, as well as developing dynamic software that adapts to the company's continuous integration of new production technologies.

Iron Mountain

This was a seven-year, multi-project engagement at the world's largest records management company. The key success was the design and implementation of 80+ integrated, XML-based, multi-terabyte Oracle databases that provided sub-second read/write access to digital documents for its global operations. I patented the search engine that delivers focused, relevant results from billions of documents.


My career begins with college (math and finance), then jobs as a journalist and programmer. Then, it was off to Saudi Arabia for a two-year consulting gig during which I was inexplicably trusted to create the kingdom's first stock market index. While there, I crossed the Arabian Desert, a week-long trek I cannot recommend because that particular desert is dull, desolate, virtually lifeless and, as one might expect, insanely hot with highs near 130°F (55°C).

I returned home as a self-proclaimed technology consultant, landing my first contract with United Technologies at its plant in Connecticut where space suits and shuttle components were made. (Size 38 regular: $5.5 million, paid in advance, they said.) That short project blossomed into twenty years of long-term development for document management, premium publishing and website development, along with assorted projects for friends, non-profits and myself. That brings to 2018.

I always enjoy hearing about projects, technologies and businesses in general, and I'd like to hear about yours too.

Off-the-clock: Spy novels, philosophy, chess and tennis.

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